Who we are



Pupils and Teachers count more importantly as our customers than ever before. We want to bring colour and structure into the typical school day, using plenty of fresh ideas.



Whether classic, or with a modern twist – our Diaries have been there, accompanying generation after generation.


Paper Stationery

Whether for a quick note on the run, or detailed thoughts inside a Diary – our products offer you the space for great ideas and wonderful contemplations.



Fresh colours, fascinating motifs and always current designs. Always keeping your Crafts up to date.


Gift Wrap

For heartfelt gifts. Exclusive motifs and top quality paper ensure your gifts make a fantastic impression, before they’re even opened.

The Schneider Group counts as one of the largest paper processors in the whole of Europe. The key brands BRUNNEN, HEYDA, KNORR prandell and STEWO enjoy the development of a wide range of School Items, Diaries, Notebooks, Paper Stationery, Craft Items, Gift Wrap and Packaging. The group’s main activities are on the European market.


800 employees

The family run company employs around 800 people. Many value the still familial feel around the company, in which reliability and long term strategy plays a much larger role than on short term quartaly successes.

35 trainees

More than 35 trainees get the experience today, in a range of different professions, that will be invaluable for tomorrow’s working world. The spectrum ranges from manual and technical positions in book binding, through to commercial trade, connected with studies at the local college.

3 Production Facilities

With production facilities in Heilbronn and Teichröda (Germany) and also Wolhusen (Switzerland), the company is committed to locations in the heart of the European market. These systematic values guarantee social, corporate and environmental standards of the very highest levels.

125 Million Euros Turnover

Experience, Quality and Competence – the key ingredients to strength on the market: The Schneider Group generated a turnover of around 125 Million Euros in the last year.

20,000 products

Whether Exercise Books or Rulers, a Refill Pad to a Desk Diary – the majority of products are available in a variety of colours, sizes and formats. In total, there are around 20,000 standard products on offer, all ready for immediate delivery to the customer.

17,000 Tons of Paper

Processing more than 17,000 tons of paper per year, the company is one of the most highly productive in the PBS Branch on the whole European market.

Export to 50 Countries

What began as a one-off delivery to a neighbouring country soon became something much more – now there is a close-meshed network of partners in over 50 countries, all over the world.

16,000 Customers

Products are sent to more than 16,000 partners as either Promotional Goods, or for onward sales to end customers. Around 120 employees in Outside and Inside Sales ensure that the customers receive the best support possible – competent, quick and uncomplicated.

Brand Identity

Best German Quality since 1877– in Schools, Paper Stationery and Diaries.
Creative Gift Wrap and Packaging in typical Swiss quality – since 1860.
HEYDA’s creativity and trends in the craft branch has been ongoing since 1902 and is one oft he most well-known craft brands in all Germany.
KNORR prandell is a major supplier of hobby- and craft products, acknowledged as a creative expert in many European countries.
BRUNNEN & EILERS Promotion: Quality Diaries and Notebook Customisations for bussinesses.
The Finish Diary expert offers a comprehensive, country specific Diary range – since 1887.
The leading Diary supplier in the Baltics – a fantastic product spectrum and first class service.
Founded in 1883, established in Norway – and a supplier of choice to the Royal Family.
A Swedish institution! Almanacksförlaget has been supplying all the needs of the Swedish Diary market since 1839.